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When it comes to financial fraud, Refund Express are experts. Our group of hard-working associates, lead by a diverse and diligent management team, know pretty much all there is to know about the multitude of scams that operate and are therefore ideally placed to secure the recovery of funds and assets you’ve lost to scammers.

We can confidently state that our success rate in this area is unparalleled. This is because we know how the scammers work, the tools they use, and the ways and means that they operate their activity from start to finish. Our free consultation gives clients the confidence to approach us and discuss matters that are often very personal. We then look over the relevant documents and discuss the details of the issue and then make an honest assessment as to whether we can successfully win the case; if so, we proceed. Refund Express doesn’t look to lead on our customers, simply because there is no benefit to doing so, both on a moral but also professional level.

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Our Moto/Approach

Our honest approach is one that our clients often comment on, and it’s the basis of our communication structure, and it’s the reason we are where we are today, leading the financial fraud recovery market.

Refund Express has been a key part of the financial fraud recovery space for nearly two decades. Previously we worked in conjunction with other companies, who made the most of our expertise and advanced tools before we moved to run our own operation. Over the course of recent years, we’ve become an integral player in the battleground, tackling scammers and fraudsters and helping thousands of individuals, and companies, to secure the recovery of funds they’ve seen stolen by con artists, scammers, and crooks.

If you’ve suffered at the hands of a scammer, why not get in contact? There’s no obligation to use our services, and our free consultation service gives you the confidence you need when it comes to seeing how we can help you in your hour of need.

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